For my first foray into the blogging world, I decided to share some original poetic works.  Through poetry I find it challenging to express my sometimes blistering, sometimes emotionally debilitating responses to what is happening around me in precisely selected words and phrases. Let’s get started.


                When deceit comes calling

                victims beware

                the gullible will fall like tress to a buzz saw

                oily tongues, slick hooks

                lies, treachery, cloaked amorality

                predators out to cull the herd

                probe and slither and steal.

                In their wake

                humiliation, shame, demoralization, stupidity

                red flags ignored

                gut feelings squelched

                accounts emptied.

                Oh, those honey-dripping words of fraud


               So, the story goes…I, too, was a victim of fraud, and it cut me to the bone.  Even if you are educated, even if you consider yourself aware of the warning signs, you can be duped.  I spent a great deal of wasted time punishing myself because I was snagged in their trap. Then I began to realize just how slick these people are, just how convincing their words seem, and how perfectly practiced their routines are. In this social media driven world in which we live, we are all potential victims. They find us so easily.  They know how to cater to our vanity and to assuage our insecurities.  Once they get their proverbial foot in the door, the dance of deceit begins. It is liked being kissed passionately while your pockets are being emptied.

                I offer another poem in which I make observations about these derisive times in which we live. I am a student of history, and I can’t help but wonder what my ancestors might have been thinking about when major events happened during their lifetimes.  Probably, like those who have come before me, I celebrate being alive. However, that does not suggest that I am blind to the ills and shortcomings of OUR own time. I submit to you this poem…


                                A Matter of Survival

                We live in extraordinary times

                investigations running rampant

                indictments waiting in the wings

                political mongers—movie moguls

                business magnates—athletic powerhouses

                and religious pontificates

                having lost their moral compass

                must, someday, face the judge

                …by the way, the Academy has no host.


                We live in extraordinary times

                fires ravaging the western forests

                torrential rains beseeching eastern coastlines

                both northern and southern ice packs melting

                destruction moving with deadly purpose

                polar bears, elephants, and Bengal tigers, to name a few,

                struggling to hold on

                …by the way, the Academy still has no host.


                We live in extraordinary times

                poor people, people of color,

                the children and the elderly,

                the marginal people living on the streets

                pound on closed doors and closed hearts

                too many beset with hopelessness

                unable to find their way

                through these extraordinary times.

                …by the way, the Academy survived just fine without a host.

                This poem addresses the dichotomy between what we say and what we do. The most notable posting in social media at the time this piece was composed was the worry over the Academy Award organization choosing to forgo a host for the upcoming show. Never before had they done such a daring thing. Sometimes, we are faced with issues that are far too overwhelming that we choose to ignore them because we feel helpless to do anything substantial about them. So, we focus on the lesser concerns. I submit this conclusion, not to find fault, but rather, to admit to its commonplace in our lives.  The truth is that human beings do bear the responsibility to care for the world and all of its inhabitants in a way that will preserve the best of who we were when we stood at the helm.


Until the next time…be safe…be kind…and make a difference.

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