How to Make Your Adventure Novel More Exciting?

Anita Fisk’s The Healing Bowl: A Harley and Friends Adventure is an innovative adventure novel about seventh-graders Harley Delosian and his best friend T.J. Its story follows the magical journey of the boys, as they delve into a strange world in pursuit of finding a cure for their friend Sammy Crabtree, who lies unconscious in the hospital after a basketball injury. In this strange world, Harley and T.J. come across two unlikely but significant companions, the crow of Apollo and the owl of Athena. Together, they all buckle down to an adventurous quest like no other! Sounds exciting, right?

Indeed, The Healing Bowl: A Harley and Friends Adventure is a fun novel containing a fascinating blend of mythology and the adventures of middle school students. It offers an interesting and exciting narrative that truly captures the imagination of its readers. Like The Healing Bowl: A Harley and Friends Adventure, there are plenty of other fun and cool adventure novels out there. Writing an adventure novel in itself is fun and fascinating. You can practice your writing and stimulate your creativity and imagination at the same time. If you are an aspiring author who wants to write stellar adventure novels like The Healing Bowl: A Harley and Friends Adventure, then you are on the right page! Below are some ideas on how to make your adventure novel more exciting.

Write artistically

Your style of writing determines how your novel will be presented to the readers. So, as much as possible, make your writing style artistic and expressive. Be creative in narrating your story. Always keep the drama levels high and describe each scene and each action with utmost attention to details. For example, instead of simply writing “She entered the room without knowing what is in there,” you can write “She slowly walked up towards the door with a pensive expression on her face. Her hands were a bit trembling, as she wondered about what might be waiting for her inside the room.” The use of imagery is important in writing a novel. Regardless of whatever genre it is, the “show, don’t tell” technique always comes in handy.

Focus on your plot

When it comes to writing an adventure novel, your plot plays a crucial role in inducing the thrill and excitement that you aim to bring about. When outlining your plot, pay close attention to the flow and organization of its events. The events of your adventure novel should be interconnected, and its build-up towards the conclusion should be steady. To put it differently, there should be a sense of natural rhythm in your plot. Aside from this, your story should be fun and exciting enough to be called an adventure novel. Include twists and turns in each couple of chapters to keep your readers hooked on until the end.

Avoid clichés

Adventures novels build on excitement and fascination. If your novel is full of elements that have been seen a thousand times before, then it would be difficult to convince readers to pick up your book because it does not offer anything new. To avoid this, eliminate clichés in your plot. Clichés are fixed in the mindset of the readers. If your adventure novel is brimming with clichéd story tropes, there is a great chance that it would be easily type-casted as boring no matter how much thrill and excitement it oozes. To make your novel exceptional, work on bringing new twists to it.

Make your characters relatable

As an adventure novelist, it is important that you create characters that are relatable to the readers. These characters should reflect the thoughts of the readers back into them. The readers should be able to visualize themselves as the characters because this would keep them hooked until the end. When writing an adventure novel, you need to come up with protagonists that readers can follow and admire. They should be competent, strong, and superhuman to an extent, but still possessing a few human foibles to keep them relatable to the readers.

On the whole, writing an adventure novel is an adventure on its own. It has a lot of challenges and demands that would test the extent of your imagination. Nonetheless, what you mostly need to write an exciting adventure novel like The Healing Bowl: A Harley and Friends Adventure is creativity. Just allow your creativity to take over. On top of that, take some inspirations from others!

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