Experiencing the Extraordinary: Four Perks of Reading Adventure-themed Books

Upon hearing the word “adventure,” various images would appear to a person’s mind. These pictures that people recall can be parasailing, cruising, skydiving, bungee jumping, and any other heart-racing and daredevil acts. However, adventure is not necessarily conducted and found outdoors. It can also be found within the four corners of a person’s home by being with someone they love and doing something they like. Cooking, cleaning, watching movies, writing, and reading, can be very good adventures. There are more to these actions if one will try to open their minds and bridge reality to a world beyond its realms.

Reading can be a good means of risk-taking, with novels as vessels to the worlds that are out of the ordinary. Books would take an individual to places that are magical and wonderful that cannot be reached by planes, ships, busses, or any other modes of human transportation. There are various books of adventure in literature that were written by remarkable writers of the past, as well as the present. The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S.  Lewis and The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien are some of the most renowned fantasy adventure series from the past. For this modern and contemporary period, the Harry Potter by J.K Rowling, Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan, and quest adventure books by Anita Fisk are some of the best reads these days.

There are just something special and extraordinary that these adventure-themed novels offer to the literary community. The emotions that they stir from the readers are more heightened and extreme, as well as the unpredictable twists and turns — not to mention the special powers and abilities the characters possess. Thus, if you are one of the adventure book fanatics or if you want to try a new genre, here are some of the advantages of reading adventure novels that will make you drawn into this genre:

They bring you to out of this world places

The main perk of reading books of adventure is that they bring you to places you thought that never existed. It is not the same as flying across the world with a suitcase, passport, and pocket money for it does not cost anything, only attention and time. These fictional places can be like Hogwarts where witches and wizards are molded, Kingdom of Narnia where kings are made, Westeros where the finest rulers are built, or Middle Earth that houses various orcs, elves, and hobbits. The said places are worlds that cannot be found in reality no matter how many maps or compasses a person tries to use for they are all fictional. However, it is in the extraordinary where one finds more comfort, thrill, and adventure.

They make you feel more special

A person is special in every way. However, all the magic and supernatural that these adventure novels bring makes a person to feel much more special, powerful, and confident. Given that an ordinary person can do great things, such as making a difference in the community, bringing joy to the people all around him or her, and excelling in his or her path of choice. Readers of this genre, on the other hand, can become and do greater and impossible things for they already have experienced and lived being extraordinary even in a short while as a different person. Being a king, a damsel in distress, a princess, a knight, a fighter, and a person with special ability — these are some of the characters in adventure novels that can add up to the morale and confidence of the readers; thus, making them feel more than they already are.

They stir up your imagination

A fiction book that cannot work up the imagination of the readers defies its purpose. Moreover, adventure-themed books have been efficient in terms of generating the imagination of the readers. This genre is different from other categories of fantasy for it do not offer clichés and do not feed one’s imagination with ordinary tales. The plot, characters, settings, and other elements of a story are well-mixed and built, which make the readers fall in love into this genre. The spine-chilling and heart-pounding emotions that are being felt by the novels’ fans are the product of the wonderful stories that generated the imaginations of the readers.

They help you realize what you are truly capable of

Reading different tales of adventure can help a person discover his or her full potential and capability. Although other genres offer this perk too, adventure novels have more different ways on making a person realize that he or she can be more than the person he or she could be. From the amazing characters to the awesome literary devices, it is undeniable that these books offer more than what others can. The readers will develop a sense of realization and purpose from reading and relating to the story and its characters. Awe, motivation, and inspiration can emerge from a person’s mind making him or her discover the greatness that has been long awaiting to be found within.




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